I coach professional women who are managers, aspiring managers and career climbers. Coaching enables and empowers you to address barriers hindering your success and to take decisive action to eliminate them.

During coaching sessions we will work towards:

  • identifying the often invisible barriers that could be limiting your success
  • setting goals to address and break down those barriers
  • identifying and utilizing your strengths to achieve career goals
  • eliminating your fears and building your confidence and motivation levels
  • empowering you to take control of your future by mapping out your individual career pathway to success
  • Developing your communication and team leading skills to ensure maximum impact when showcasing your skills, talents and knowledge to senior management, stakeholders and work colleagues

Do you want to be SUCCESSFUL, VISIBLE AND RESPECTED in the workplace?

If you want to be a successful and confident leader, have greater presence so that you stand out from others in the workplace and at interviews and be known as an individual who can organise and motivate others to pull together and get the job done, then leadership coaching is for you.

I work privately with individuals and groups and with businesses who hire me to coach their employees. I have worked successfully with career minded women from all walks of life and backgrounds, at varying points in their career journey. Whether you are seeking a promotion, wanting to improve your management and leadership skills or transitioning into a management role, I will help you to attain your aspirations and achieve success.

If you are serious about forging a SUCCESSFUL CAREER and want to increase your VISIBILITY and RESPECTABILITY, then take the first step and contact me for a free, no obligation consultation.


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