CAP for managers, aspiring managers and career climbers


                                                   and capitalise on your strengths

Are you a career climber, manager, or an aspiring manager?

Do you want to take your career to the next level?

Do you want to make the transformation from employee to influential leader and decision maker?

To be a strong and effective leader requires three crucial elements:

1. Clear communication

2. Confident personal projection

3. Cooperation and trust of your team

Vicki’s exclusive CAP coaching programme equips you with the tools required to become a respected and accomplished leader.

The programme focuses on 3 main areas:

Communication Techniques  Learn the Language of Leaders. When you understand how to embed rhetoric, power words and metaphors into your language, you will deliver ideas and plans powerfullyauthoratively and convincingly during any meeting, event or presentation. In this session you will learn how to use rhetorical techniques to engage and persuade, giving power and conviction to your words, commanding the full attention of your audience and instilling in others trust and belief in your ability as a great collaborator and leader.

Assertiveness Action Planning  Believe in yourself and lead with assertive action. Leaders who are able to develop this highly effective communication tool connect and communicate with others to create a respectful and efficient working environment. Assertive behaviours give credence to your abilities as a strong leader, and enable you to self-project a positive image of strength and reliability. In this session we will highlight the differences between assertiveness, aggression and submission; identify situations that you find difficult and draw out the root cause of this; develop an Action Plan to tackle the issues and overcome the barriers they present by developing Positive Image Projection Strategies.

Personal Leadership Branding  Let others know your worth. It is essential for the advancement of your career as a strong leader to have a Personal Leadership Brand. Having a clearly identifiable brand of leadership empowers you to take a concise and consistent approach to all projects and work tasks. A Personal Leadership Brand should reflect your competencies and ethical standards, communicating your value and showing others your areas of expertise and what you represent as an individual and leader. The process of developing your Personal Leadership Brand is crucially important; this is not simply a self-promotion exercise, but a way in which to connect on a personal level to those you work and collaborate with. In this session we will work together on defining your Personal Leadership Brand and how to communicate this to others, enabling you to generate maximum returns.

To take the next step up the career ladder, to become a strong leader, to gain that promotion you desire, learn the secrets of CAP – Communication, Assertiveness and Personal Branding

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