Vicki is a Psychology graduate with over 25 years coaching and training experience. As a Leadership Coach, Vicki empowers professional women to achieve their work goals and thrive in the workplace.

Vicki helps women to recognise and utilise  their strengths and to build happy and successful careers.

What My Customers Say….

“Vicki has been working with Miller Metcalfe for the past seven months in a coaching and development capacity with some of our team members. I have found Vicki to be a very professional and approachable individual, who is able to communicate at all levels.

During her time with Miller Metcalfe, Vicki has established strong and trustworthy relationships with team members she has been working with.

Through Vicki’s coaching and support techniques, team members have made vast improvements in the areas they were struggling with, which in turn is having a positive impact on the business.

I would highly recommend Vicki as a consultant and believe she is a great asset.”

Nicki Henderson, HR Manager at Miller Metcalfe


Hats off to Vicki Jones!!!

Vicki put the wind back in our sails, brought solidarity and new meaning to all our team, gave us a cleared vision, illuminated the importance of our core values and beliefs, enabled us to outline some needs and all requirements in areas. All staff are happier!

Thanks so much Vicki”

Susan Murray, CEO at C’est La Vie


” Since speaking with Vicki she has helped me to reach the goals I had been putting off for a long time. Speaking with Vicki for just one hour every week was really helpful. Vicki is really easy to talk to, and she helped me to use different strategies to achieve the realistic goals we had set together. If you are a procrastinator like me speaking with Vicki will help you to organise aspects of your life you may have been putting off. The whole process helped with my overall well-being, and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Rebecca Renshaw


Are you looking to develop your leadership skills and take that next step in your career? Do you want success, great working relationships and job satisfaction?  Vicki gives you the focus, support and direction to achieve all this and more.

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